Best Tower Fan - How to Select the Correct Vertical Fan

16/10/2014 22:38

Vertical Fans are standalone units that can set floor space to more efficient use, while obviously uniformly cooling building interiors. There are two broad types of vertical fans to select from - Tower Fans and Pedestal Fans. Selecting the right vertical fan can prove somewhat confusing, given the reality that there are several factors to think about before deciding on the model best fitting to specific needs. It is also worth noting that Tower fans unquestionably rank better than Pedestal Fans in terms of both outward appearance and function, despite being priced somewhat higher.

Why Go For Tower Fans? Tower fans are sleek, tall and slim units and can fit into any unused nook or corner of the area. They are quite aesthetic. Nothing like the top-heavy pedestal fans with large blades, Towers, developed in the form of neat block with smaller grates are comparatively safer, particularly in environments where there are kids or pets around. These fans usually also include air-ionizers that help filter pollutants and allergens, and in effect remove odors, and therefore are ideal for homes as well as office areas. Tower fans are also obtainable with programmable functions including sleep timers and auto switch-off, allowing users to conserve energy. Changeable heights are yet another functionality that works in favor of Tower fans that help smoothly extend their reach of cool air.

Stuff to Look For Before Purchasing a Tower Fan

Space - The size of the area to be cooled is an essential factor that determines the type of the Tower Fan. Powerful units are required to effectively cater to larger spaces. In all probability two smaller units may suffice too.

Features - Oscillation, sleep timer, air-ionizer (with re-usable or disposable filters), auto shut-off, and energy proficiency are just some of aspects that need attention. The requirement for each feature and the related expenses should be noted.

Noise - The majority of these units are developed to work unobtrusively. Criticism from other users often helps decide on this characteristic.

Warranty - It is imperative to check for return, repairs and warranty information, in particular when opting for expensive models.

Price - The cost of the tower fan is bound to differ based on the brand, model and features presented, but is no compromise for quality.

Keep in mind, a tower fan definitely is a wise expenditure of money, only if it meets the necessities! Do make sure that the product is robust enough to tear and withstand the wear of frequent use.